Sonoma California - Fine Artwork, giclee prints on canvas, specializing in birds, chickens, succulents, dog art

Early Inspiration (primary school)

The most significant influence on me as an artist was definitely my mother. Even though my mom was not a professionally trained, or ever made a living off of her artwork, her influence on me as a young artist was immeasurable.

She worked in oils and being a family of modest means she had no more than 10 or 12 tubes of paints to work with. Just the basics. No fancy colors in every shade imaginable like the selections that we have today. She mixed all of the colors that she needed from her sparse selection. In time my first set of paints would be her slightly old and dried up, oils. My mother said that the first step in learning how to paint with colors, one must learn how to see colors. Having her point out that tree trunks have an infinite display of colors, grays, blues reds, not just brown and black would have a profound impact on my work and expand my view of the natural world. For most artist, learning how to draw is easier than learning how to paint. My early exposure to oil paint and how to use color was an advantage that would help me immensely toward my future as an artist.

In retrospect I realize that my mom gave me a primary lesson in life as well as in color. By exposing me to tubes of oil paint, mixing, and pushing it around on canvas at the tender age of 11, my mom gave me a tremendous head start to my career. Though I went on to acquire additional formal training in my grown-up years, it was my early training with my mother that provided me a foundation to build on. For this I will be eternally grateful.

Formal Education

Studied Art and Design, U.C Berkeley
Web and Graphic Design, U.C. Berkeley Extension
Graphic Design, San Francisco Art Academy


I have always been fascinated by Mother Nature. She is so intelligent in her design and perfect in her execution. I strive in my paintings to capture and honor her supremely original masterworks. My subject being all things living…animals, insects, birds, flower and fauna, with a focus on color. I work in a variety of mediums, Acrylic, Oil, and a mixed medium of ink with Prismacolor Pencils.

Artistic Goal

It is my hope that my art will reconnect you and remind you of the natural beauty of our living world. A world that each and everyone of us experiences in countless ways in our day to day life on this planet.


My studio is located in Sonoma California. You can find my work on the Web at: If you have any questions please feel free to email me at:


I will be showing my work at the Sonoma Vintage Festival this September 25th through 27 on the Sonoma Square. It's a great show with lots of fabulous Artists and Crafts people.